How NOT to Ship a Goat (Conclusion)

Continued from previous post… The young man from the valet service and I rushed through the doors of the cargo building. He sat down with the carrier on his lap. The goat bleated. All six people working in the office looked around. “Is that a goat?” someone hollered from behind the Customer Service counter. PeopleContinue reading “How NOT to Ship a Goat (Conclusion)”

How NOT to Ship a Goat (part 2)

Continued from last post… I am a planner. I plan all of our vacations, keep things organized, do all our taxes and handle all business details. Details don’t scare me. Shipping a goat for the first time excited me! I coordinated the flight and times with the buyer and we purchased the ticket. I read,Continue reading “How NOT to Ship a Goat (part 2)”

How NOT to Ship a Goat

Do what I say, not what I do, or in my case, did. Wise words to live by when you a lot of what you are doing is being done out of necessity and likely for the first time. As I mentioned before, almost everything we’ve done on the farm is a first. As newContinue reading “How NOT to Ship a Goat”

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