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Freedom and Fences

People are confused.

We put fences around our animals. No, they aren’t free to go wherever they choose. But, the animals are safe. They are taken care of and they have what they need.

Different animals need different types of fencing. The size and what is inside the fenced area may be a little different based on the animals kept inside. But the basics are the same.

Inside the fence has water, food and companionship of others. Inside the fence offers security and familiarity. Inside the fence has clear boundaries. An implied set of rules for all to follow that insures safety.

Fences also keep things out. Predators or sick animals that could infect the rest who are healthy.

Animals get out of the fence on occasion. Opportunity, curiosity or hormones are likely the cause. The animals are never reluctant to go back in, regardless of the reason for escape. They ultimately equate inside the fence to a place where needs are met and life is good.

Freedom requires a “fence”. Without boundaries, rules, the ability to obtain and meet basic needs and a way to keep predators out, we are not free.

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