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How NOT to Ship a Goat

Do what I say, not what I do, or in my case, did. Wise words to live by when you a lot of what you are doing is being done out of necessity and likely for the first time.

As I mentioned before, almost everything we’ve done on the farm is a first. As new farmers, we were avid book readers, Google searchers, and YouTube junkies.

We literally binge watched five YouTube videos on how to fix a barbed wire fence. We ordered a tool we never knew existed, watched the videos again and when the tool arrived, we headed out to fix our fence. And it worked! You’d have thought we developed a cure for cancer the way we pranced around giving each other high fives!

Some tasks are a bit more complicated. Apparently. Take shipping a goat. Yes, it’s a thing. When you post (before FB got a stick up their backside about animal sales) on FaceBook groups, folks from all over can see them. On many occasions while “shopping” for goats myself, I would become overly excited about a particular goat only to realize it was located in Washington state- a bit far. Or so I originally thought.

Unbeknownst to me, shipping animals is a fairly common practice. I suppose I never considered the need or concept. There are livestock shippers or carriers providing their services in everything from mini vans to semi trailer sized livestock haulers. They have scheduled routes and will pick up and deliver your animal(s) for a nominal fee. We used such a service to receive three adult hogs we purchased from Texas to have them brought right to our pasture here in North Carolina. Amazing! And affordable, considering.

If you don’t love the idea of your precious cargo shacking up with a stranger and other unknown livestock for hours or days, they can fly! Yes, on an airplane.

The first time I had a buyer for one of our kids (baby goat) requesting air travel, I was flustered. But, if anyone can figure this out, I can. Right? I took to Google, FaceBook and YouTube to gather all the sorted details. Check flights, make a reservation, purchase ticket, pack up and drop off the goat. How easy!

So easy, I thought, I simultaneously planned a coinciding flight time for myself to head to Kansas to visit my family. Two birds! Great! Not so fast. Another great piece of advice is the devil is in the details!

Come back tomorrow for the conclusion…

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