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First Time for Everything

The farm has given us more “first times” than we can count to date. The title for this post caused me to begin humming the tune “Last Time for Everything” by Brad Paisley. Great song! So many truths. Before I begin fondling thoughts of our last time with everything, I want to ponder firsts. As most of us are sitting in our homes not knowing what the days ahead may bring, it seems like a happy place to travel to in our thoughts. Firsts.

How about the first time you met your significant other? Where were you? Do you remember your first words? What you were wearing? What were the events and circumstances in your life during that time? What other thoughts does recalling the memory bring to mind?

For those of you with children, what about the first time you learned you were pregnant or becoming a parent? The first time you saw your child’s face. Their first words. First steps.

Our lives are full of firsts. Some of them worthy of celebrating each year on the anniversary of their occurrence, some are subjects of journal or diary entries, while some are merely taken for granted and even difficult to recall. Think about some of the most memorable firsts in your life.

This is my first attempt at blogging. I have always enjoyed writing and well, talking if we are being honest. Be kind. Hopefully, it won’t be a first and last all at once!

At this moment, I am sitting, rather uncomfortably I just realized, at our dining room table. As I type our Goldendoodle, Zero, is under the table at my feet and our other dog, Royal, the crazy Cavapoo, is impatiently pawing at my leg in an attempt to get on my lap. Surrounded by windows, I just caught a glimpse of Tik, our tenacious black barn cat stealthily sneaking up on a bird innocently picking through our freshly cut grass. I am recalling the first time I set eyes on this farm.

Our process for finding a farm property had been arduous. I believe the final number was 55 properties we visited all with varying levels of enticing attributes. The day we first came to this farm we were actually visiting another property that was rather disappointing. The agent said she knew of a working farm not yet on the market and would take us by to meet the owner.

As we drove up the 1/4 of a mile rough gravel drive and peered out the windows, we were met with fenced pastures lining both sides of the drive. And goats. And sheep. Compared to all the other farms we visited, it was full of necessary infrastructure- well fenced pastures with water, outbuildings, 2 large greenhouses and a big pond. The house and overall property needed a lot of fixing. To me, it looked like work. To Steve, it looked like opportunity.

Opportunity prevailed! Looking out today across our yard and pastures, it looks completely different to me than I remember it did that first day. Alive, peaceful and inviting come to mind. We embraced this farm. Farm life. We’ve made it our own, chock full of memorable “first time” moments for the ages!

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